Wednesday, August 14, 2019

Daniel and Elaine are expecting!

Recently we had a baby shower for my only brother's wife! They are due middle of September and it is their first little one. We are all so excited and hoped this day would come. They will be married 6 years on October 12th. They have had many travels and adventures and are now ready for their own family to grow!  So for her shower gift I made this! A guitar themed baby quilt.

              Daniel and Elaine are so into music that I just had to make this guitar themed baby quilt for their little bundle that no one knows what it will be. I just love surprises!!

Here it is closer up, lying on the grass in the back yard. I just love the little people in the border.

Being I'm a farmer's wife, we just had to have a farm party with all sorts of animals having a jamaboree for the backing. 

I so enjoyed making this for them. Fabric selection was so easy, it just seemed to be them and the right colors and pattern. I hope little Baby Coughlin will get lots of use and warmth from it knowing Auntie Jacque loves them very much!