Saturday, November 23, 2013

Deer Hunting started and a buck hangs in the shed!!

Well, Matthias got home early this morning, 2:00am from College in Ohio, but he and Eliah went out in the woods at 8:00am. That is late for opening day of Deer Hunting here in Wisconsin, but I am happy to report  Eliah got a rather large buck so that means good eating and another year of summer sausage, ring bologna and beet sticks!!!  He looks like an 8 pointer, but it appears a tine was damaged.

Last night I went to Winona and did some Hunting shopping for the boys. In Winona, MN they have a store called Mills Fleet Farm and they have been advertising "Buck Friday" for all the hunters. It is a play on "Black Friday" all the crazy women go shopping for. The commercials were really cute, well I just had to get Eliah a hoodie highlighting this event, I am happy to report he loves it!! Here is a picture I took in the store before I ever decided to buy this!

Today I have been working on a UFO that I started last year and put aside though it often stared at me as I walked by it, but I really feel good about it and I hope I will be able to finish piecing the top in the next few days. I used a layer cake from Moda by Figtree. It has a shabby chic feel to it. I will post a full pic when I finish the top. 

I participated in a Holiday Apron Swap where it was a secret, we were not to let our partner know who we had and we in turn had no idea who had us. It was to have a holiday theme for Christmas and our partner could give hints as to their preferences but anonymously. I made a sample apron to try it out and see how it came out. I absolutely love the apron pattern, it is called Chatterbox from Mari Mulari. The first two pictures here are the actual apron I made for Karen from Chippewa Falls, WI. Yes, she lives only an hour away, some day I hope we meet!! The apron is made with Riley Blake fabrics and is reversible. I love how it turned out. My daughter is modeling it for me!!

 These pictures are of the first Apron I made. It is a Michael Miller fabric with pink elephants that appear to have had too much to drink if you can see the lampshade and wine glasses. It is quite whimsical, but it turned out great too. I was told by a bartender that there was a drink back in the day called a pink elephant.  I am real happy with it and hope to use this pattern again!! Once again Celia humored her mother and modeled the apron for me, also reversible so both sides are represented.

Well, that is it for now. Have a good week!! 

Sunday, November 3, 2013

A Harvest Day on the Farm

Amazingly it is the beginning of November and we are having some fairly nice weather! We have had snow on Halloween in the past and it stayed so this weekend is a real blessing. As you know, Autumn is truly one of my favorite times of the year and one of my most favorite sounds of all time is the unloading of corn into the corn silo. 

This picture is the cornfield across the street with the Awesome John Deere Combine harvesting the corn. This is the view I have every day. Sometimes I wish I appreciated it more, but I so do enjoy the scenery. 

Once the corn is harvested by the combine, it is trucked back to the home farm, where I live and it is loaded using gravity to unload it. The sound that this makes is my favorite sound of harvest on the farm. I went over and took a picture so you would know what I mean. This is my brother-in-law Joe guiding the corn into the Silo loader.

This is a close up picture of the corn actually unloading. My favorite sound. from the distance it has an amazing sound but up close it is almost deafening. My BIL Joe was wearing ear protection, I can see why. I think you could go deaf in a hurry!

I just need to show off this little cutie. My son Eliah, yes, the one with the smooshed truck, calls her Red. We usually only have black and white cows on our farm, so she is a real special little lady. She is in a calf pen enjoying the sunshine on this beautiful day. 

I have always wanted to share my favorite sound. I only get to hear it for a brief time every fall and I even crack the windows so I can hear it all the better. It just makes it feel more like fall. Have a great week!