Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Cool Autumn and Creative Days

Happy Fall Y'all! Here are some beautiful Maples to inspire you all locally grown!

Last week we had a brief storm and I was delighted to see a Rainbow, a full double rainbow from one end to the other and so bright! Such a rare thing for an October day, but what a sight it was to behold! Gorgeous. This is outside my front door!! 

 This is a block I made for Alia for the Bee Sew Modern Bee. I got behind because of my brother's wedding, but I promised her I would get it done after the wedding and I did! I had always been intimidated by this kind of pattern with the diamonds, but this technique and tutorial was awesome!! I will do this again someday!

This is for the Simply Solids Bee - Viradian Group. 

This is for Susan in the Fat Stash Bee. She sent a fq of the turquoise solid and asked us to add from our stashes to make a scrappy wonky bento box block.  

These are some blocks for the We Bee Learning bee. She asked for 2 blocks but they were so fun I ended up making 4. 

These are Moni's blocks for the Coast to Coast Bee, she wanted Bento Box Blocks and  here is what she sent. These are fun and I can't wait to see her finished quilt!! 

     My daughter came home tonight to have dinner with us!! I called her this morning and invited her to dinner and this is Celia and her sweetie Johnathan. They are enjoying a Red Velvet cupcake! I love these two!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Eliah's smooshed truck

I promised pics from Eliah's Dodge Ram with it's owies. Here they are:

He bent the frame and the cab was actually pushed up. As you can see the passenger front side has extensive damage. So thankful to God for protecting my young'un. I believe a big lesson was learned by him as well as the other men in my family,  The following are famous words uttered by a very wise person I know: 

"Every child should have a beater of a car for the first few years until they have their driving skills down. Everyone of them will have their little adventures as they grow in driving abilities and get the feel for all weather conditions. Once they have that down, then they can invest in a nice vehicle."

Now for something fun to leave you with, my boss bought these amazing shoes!! Anyone who craves yarn and yarn related activities these are for you!!!

Knitted shoes made by Dansko!! I admire the person who came up with these!! Enjoy!!

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wedding Weekend and a precious son

     Well, it happened, my only brother, Daniel Cornelius,  got married this weekend to his sweetheart Elaine! They got married in Eau Claire, WI at the UW-Eau Claire Davies Center and they are now enjoying a honeymoon out in Washington State. I have been enjoying keeping up on his adventures as he is posting pics on Instagram and so we can catch peaks of their adventures. 

For his wedding I made a Scrappy Trip Around the World quilt for them to snuggle on the sofa with. take on a picnic or however they want to use it. Anyway, I have to say I love the pattern, but boy that was a lot of work. Next time I would press all the seams open because some of the seams made it difficult to quilt on my long-arm, but I think it turned out great! I did it all myself beginning to end. Here is a picture of their completed quilt. I bound it in a marbled kind of black/dark grey and the back has a paint splatter kind of look to it, it is modern and just made me think of Daniel when I picked it out. 

    The groom wore an amazing outfit. He wore a bright pink gingham check shirt with a black tie and a grey suit. The bridesmaids wore black, elegant simple dresses and the Wedding meal was chicken or beef fajitas. There was fresh guacamole, hummus, tortillas, fresh pico and all kinds of good stuff. The wedding cake was a tri-leche cake and to top off the evening, they brought Dunkin donuts!! My brother loves Dunkin donuts, they are kind of a family tradition. When I lived on the East Coast we always used to stop and get Dunkin Donuts after church. It is a fond memory my brother obviously shares as well! We danced and shook our grove things and enjoyed being together. We had some nice family pictures we took so here is an update on my family. The only person missing was my eldest son, Matthias. He is in the middle of mid-term exams in college and didn't make it. 

This is Celia, my 19 year old daughter and her sweetheart Johnathan. He is truly a precious soul and a good thing for my daughter. I love these two young'uns! This is at our home as they headed out to the wedding!

This is my only sister Pascale with her beloved husband Brian. They live in Orange County. California and came for the wedding. Some more people for me to love!! 

 Here are my sweeties Eliah, the handsome dude and my daughter. Gotta love em!!

Here is my sweetie, Mike and of course myself! He doesn't get dressed up that often, but he sure looked good to me!! I love my Mikeypoo!!

Here is my brood, missing Matthias. Love the motion of this!!

Here is my sister with her son, Zechariah. He is 2 years old and soo much fun. He is a busy little bee. 

Sunday morning as I was getting ready to watch church, my youngest, Eliah, with his new pick-up truck was driving a pail of apples to his girlfriend's house when he ran off the road and did severe damage to his pick-up. His air bags deployed and how he did not roll his vehicle is a miracle. So it has been an emotional few days and we are giving thanks to our wonderful Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for saving this boy and keeping him  safe and unharmed except for a few aches and pains. 

The Auto Body guy thinks it just might be totaled. Again, we are sooo thankful we did not lose a son. The truck axle is broken, the tire had to be chained to the frame to be able to haul it away. I will post pictures at a later time. Otherwise I have been sewing for bees. Here are some of my most recent blocks. 

Simply Solids Bee Blocks. This makes me think of stop lights! :)

Christmas presents blocks

Crown Royal front block for Nancy of C2C Bee

Back block for Nancy of Coast to Coast Bee

I made this apron and potholders for my Sister-in-law as a bridal shower gift she had at the end of September. 

Here is Elaine, the new bride at her shower with her apron!!!!

On October 1st I aged another year, I had quilt club that night and I got to enjoy a wonderful meal and margarita with my quilting buddies from my Wabasha Quilt Group!! Love these ladies. We have been together for quite a while now. 

Autumn is now here. Here I am outside of the Burlington Hotel Quilt Shop in Alma, Wisconsin. I took a a picture facing the Mississippi River this past Saturday morning. She had a fabric fondling party as a representative from Blank Fabrics was there. We were to pick our favorites to help her decide what to buy in the near future. 

One more picture of harvest time. Acorn squashes and they sure are tasty. Enjoy fall y'all!!!