Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Yowza!! I got it done!!

I had earlier referred to joining "A Lovely Year of Finishes" group. Earlier I had posted these blocks with the intention of getting the top pieced as my goal for January. Well, here it is January 30th and I just got done sewing the borders onto this top!! I wanted the kitty blocks to pop out from the background in an almost collage effect and I have to say, I am very Happy with how it turned out!! The border fabric is from a line by Debbie Mum and it has yarn balls all over it like kitties would play with. The blocks are set in a Kona Brown fabric.I am very satisfied with this, here is the completed top.

Piece Beee with the Kitties Top

Here is the right half of it.

Here is the left half of it.

Each block has a special meaning to me. Again, created by the Piece Bee With You Bee members.
Thanks again ladies! I love how it tuned out!

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Coldest Week of the Year!

Well, this year traditionally ends up being the coldest week of the year here in Wisconsin. Tomorrow we are supposed to have close to -20 degrees, but the real bone chiller is when the wind blows with it, like today. I don't mind the cold really, except for when the bone chilling damp wind blows. So nice to have the wood heat burning here!! I am so thankful for it, it makes things warm even if I live in a drafty farm house! I have been a busy little bee sewing for my bees this past week.

These two  blocks are for Shelley from the Design Camp Bee #2. The grey background block is actually aqua/robins egg blue. Wow, bad camera, but you get the idea.

These two blocks are for Safiya from the Modern Mosaic Bee. She is due to have a baby girl this year and has requested these colors so she can make a baby quilt for her little sweetie!!! I just had to stick a few fairies in there for her. I have truely enjoyed this group. This is the last month of blocks for this group.

The last two shots are from the Across the Pond and Around the Bend  Row by Row Bee I am in. This is Susan's quilt top. Susan made the middle row. Moni made the top row and I made the bottom row. I am actually in love with this friendship star block and just had to add it to her row. Each month we send the top around to our members and we add a row. I added the colored strip as well as Moni added it above and I like how it added to the top. I have so enjoyed this group as well. What a wonderful group of ladies we have. I have been involved in bees with them before and admire each woman. Well, my next adventure is to try to finish a UFO and do the Skill Builder blocks for January.

Stay warm and snuggle if you can!!

Sunday, January 6, 2013

A Good Start to The New Year.

Wow, our Green Bay Packers won against the Minnesota Vikings, on to San Francisco!! Go Pack Go!!! The whole housefull was a buzz with the game! Even Celia who tends to be luke warm to football was a true dedicated fan, she even told her boyfriend he better pay attention and he was across the state! LOL!

Well, I got some sewing done this weekend. In the Sunday Morning Quilts Group I made these strip blocks with a stash of red in them for Sandy(Tangled Threads). I just had to add some of my Sushi Fish fabric!! I just love these guys! I also made a bag for my sister for Christmas using the Red Sushi Fish fabric. I sent it to her in California. It was called a Market Bag and folded up so nice so when you go to the store it's all wrapped into a bundle and then it becomes a very nice sized bag. I will have to see if I have a picture of it somewhere to post. I would like to make more of these bags soon!

 Sunday Morning Quilts Block for January
Sunday Morning Quilts Bee January block #1  for Sandy

Sunday Morning Quilts Block #2 for Sandy

Okay, I just cant control myself sometimes so I also joined a group called "A Year of Lovely Finishes".  Honestly I have SEVERAL UFO's out there, may of them bee blocks or block swaps I have been in during the past 1 1/2 years and I need to get those babies put together! So I decided my first project, with hopes of having the top fully pieced by the end of this month, is to take these lovely Kitty blocks I received in the Piece Bee With You Bee and get a top together and hang it in my office to admire. My office walls are bare and I have been there a year now. First year anniversary was January 3rd!!

Still in the Sunday Morning Quilts Bee this is a "slab" that Nana(Sea Side Sewing) asked us to make 16+ by 27 inches in shape. It is pieced from scraps as directed in the book. This is a little bit bigger, it will allow her to do with it what she wishes. She wanted it in aquas, turqoises, blues and greens.

Off to go sew some more!!  Happy beginning to the new week! Gotta look for the good in all things! :)

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

A New Year with the Promise of New Sister!!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! You've all heard that one, right? It is a new year and I can see great things on the Horizon to come!!

I stayed up with my daughter and youngest son Eliah.The 2 farmers for the day, Mike and Matthias had already strolled off to bed and slept in the new year. Celia was on Facebook scoping out her friends when all of a sudden she started screaming saying NO WAY and saying I just want to run around!! Well, the wonderful surprise was my brother Daniel, who has had a special lady, Lainey in his life for a good 2 years,  popped the question at midnight and there was a post 2 minutes after midnight announding: 2013...She said YES!!  We were all soo excited we called all the rest of the family to have them scan the post!! I am so happy for them. You can tell they just love and adore each other so much and they are both committed to each other and their walk with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I can't wait to watch this all happen!

I have not had alot of time for sewing/quilting the last few weeks with the Christmas season, but by golly, I pulled out the machine and grabbed the fabric for some bees I am in. Some of my bees ended with the end of the year, and I signed up for a few new ones ; Simply Solid Bee which I am really excited about and a bee based on a book "Sunday Morning Quilts". It is a book based on using up scraps from the dreaded scrap bin. I have 1 BIG  bin full, others have shared they have as many as 7 bins full!! I am hoping to post buttons to these bees, but I haven't figured out how to do that yet! 

These flying geese are for Shawn from the Sew Blues Bee. There are 6 rows of 4, but I need to fix these I think as she wanted 4 rows of 6 geese a piece. Oh well, I am known for transposing numbers!

This is for Anita also from the Sew Blues Bee for January. She is making a qult for her daugher she calls a "not so girly girl". She doesn't like all those pinks and such. This piece was foundation paper pieced and I just love this technique. I also like her block, I may have to try this for another purpose.

I hope this year is full of good things, a renewal, a new start for a year full of blessings!