Monday, January 18, 2016

A New Year and new Blessings!

Oh, the New Year brings new joys, revelations and hopes. January so far has been a great start!!

Esther, my sweet Grand Baby turned 6 months old now. She can roll any way she wants, I taught her to do raspberries and it's fun to watch her! She is doing so well and my daughter has been such a wonderful mother to her sweetie.

We went shopping beginning of December, I just love this face!!

This was visiting Mimi's house this past week! PS. I'm Mimi! 

Christmas was a wonderful time. All the family was here!

Matthis and Rachel!

My Mikeypoo!!

John and Esther. Esther enjoying the wrapping paper!

Celia with some Christmas goodies!

Esther, taking task to Sophie the Giraffe!

I have snuck in some sewing as well. Trying to get some UFOs done too. Here's what I've been up to!

These two blocks are for Audrey, aka: #hotpinkquilts for the Stash Bee Hive 5 for January It's called the 5 crosses block. 

My Nephew Zechariah is coming from California and I'll get to see him tomorrow!! Him and I share a similar item, we both own Minion Fart Guns!!! I just had to make him a Minion pillowcase to take back to California with him! I can't wait to see him! 

My husband and I were going through a box of quilt tops and I found this heart UFO in there, so being Valentine's Day is coming up what better time to finish it, right? Well, Molly likes it too, when she decides to move, I'll get back at it 

Finally, my last and youngest child had his Wisdom teeth pulled so I'll post a before and while still coming out of anesthesia pics, gotta make memories, right? Hehehe

I am sure you can tell which one is which! I just love this kid!! He did real good and when ever I would try to wake him up, he would roll his head and smile and giggle. It was so funny! He's doing fine tonight. Had some Greek yogurt, pudding and lots of liquids! 

One final Blessing along with a great family, warm house, a great fabric stash...I was offered a new job at the end of the year, so next week I will be going down to Madison, WI for the beginning of a new job and I think it will be wonderful. I am tickled pink I get to work from my home still helping people to be able to remain in their homes as long as possible. One of my best buddies also works for them and just loves it. 

Remember, it's winter, keep your stick on the ice!! (As said by Red Green)