Saturday, May 21, 2016

Secret Sewing, all the hush!

Happy Saturday, wow, this week has been the most beautiful week here in America's Dairyland. The farm bought a brand new Chopper and it is headed on it's maiden voyage today, my precious hubs Mike is the man behind the wheel. We have been John Deere people since this farm has existed and here is our new chopper, a Claus, German made. Everything else here though has a different shade of green! =0) This is the view out my back door, I always know when something is being worked on/repaired.

Last fall I had signed up to go to the Swapaholics Retreat being held from June 1st thru the 4th in Farmington, Minnesota. I have been on other quilt retreats but thought it would be nice to try something with a different twist so I have been diligently sewing away, secretly, for my Secret Swap Sister along with some other swap gifts and boy, I have been a busy little hornet, but I just can't show you yet, but once the retreat is over, I will post my creations with joy! I have had alot of fun and worked with some colorways I have truly enjoyed and probably would eventually get around to, but just hadn't. So that's why so silent related to my creativity.

Had a wonderful evening last night with Celia, Johnathan and sweet Esther baby. We made food on the grill and enjoyed the most wonderful evening sitting outside, no mosquitoes here, enjoying the spring air and the wonderful fragrance of the Lilacs floating towards the patio.

Here is Esther, with Grandpa, aka Pop pop. You can see the Lilacs, she is strangely afraid of flowers at this time, grass too, but she loves being outside. 

Here I am with her, Esther chillin' with Mimi. I so love this little sweetie. Grandchildren give you a whole new perspective on life, very different from when you have your own children. 

Celia and Johnathan, enjoying a Spring evening with Brats on the grill and all kinds of good food and  relaxation after a long week.

                                   And finally , here is our little Cheese Puff Queen!

 We had a hard frost the other night, the apple trees are behind her, not sure if we will get anything now, some of the orchards in our area are saying they lost 90% of their apple crop, I guess we will have to see what happens. Fingers crossed we will be blessed with an abundance to share with all. Enjoy the beautiful Spring and all it brings in greenery, flowers and the joy of outdoor living!