Friday, August 7, 2015

Bundle of Joy and Summer Creations

Oh my, Little Esther, my grand baby, is growing like a weed!! She and her mommy came to visit today and I could tell how she could see me so well today. She just looked me over so well!! I also sang to her and she would be so still and listen. She seems to like music.  She also is a rooting, tooting baby!! She has some gas pains, but once she lets them rip, she sure feels a lot better!! I am so pleased that my daughter feels so comfy coming home and spending the day with me at least once a week I am honored to watch this little sweetie grow!! She is 3 1/2 weeks old now. I can definitely tell she is growing!!

Esther and her mommy, Celia.

I have also been sewing my Bee blocks for August!!

In the Coast to Coast Bee we were asked by Nancy to make Sparklette Blocks from the Fat Quarter Style Book from the Fat Quarter Shop. I just love how these turned out. I was also blessed to receive this book in June as a gift from this Bee. I just love everything in this book!! 

In the Stash Bee, Hive 8 Celeste asked for these Quasar Star Blocks done in patriotic colors for her to use in the Quilts of Valor she is making. I had so much fun making these, and that they go to Service Personnel that have served in the Military, who fight and protect our freedoms here in the US. I am honored to participate. 

For July in the Stash Bee Karyn asked for a bookshelf block and I chose to make this for her, a kitty in the shelf!! My kitties love to get into my bookshelf, so I couldn't resist!! 

My son's girlfriend, Rachael, likes blues and yellows so I made this wall hanging for her as a present. I love it and I am happy to report she loves it too!! She will be moving into her own apartment soon and says she can't wait to hang it up in her new place. 

I am also finishing up a quilt for little Esther. I was so sure she was a boy I finished the boy quilt, but didn't get the girl one done! Opps, I goofed on that one!! I will show that one when I get it done!! Stay cool and enjoy August!! 

Friday, July 24, 2015

A baby is born!! I'm a grandma!!!!

Well, I am proud to announce that I AM A GRANDMOTHER!!!!!

 My daughter and her husband gave birth on Sunday July 12th at 10:00PM to a precious baby girl they named Esther Cecilia. Cecilia is a family name. Celia's great-grandmother, my grandmother's name is Cecelia Anna Hoehne and she is still alive at 91 years of age and is now a great, great grandmother with good cognition and lives in her own apartment in Germany.

We talk about how we should all try to go visit her. The  generations that currently reside in the US and get a family, 5 generation picture.\

Here are some pictures:
The I'm officially admitted to the hospital in labor picture:

This is Celia just after she had Esther, 22 hours worth of labor. I am so proud of what a trooper this young lady was. No meds, all natural and a great pusher!! 

And, here's ESTHER!!

Here is my precious dad, George with his grandbaby. I just love this picture. 

George has had alot of heart issues over the last few years and I am so glad he is here to celebrate the arrival of a great-grand child.My mother has been in Asia working in her Ministry and so she hasn't seen this little bundle yet, but I know she is chomping at the bit to get home. 

This final picture is of my own hubby, Mr. Mike holding his grand daughter last night when we invited the new family over for dinner and my hubs was so happy to hold her. 

A new page in our life is opened and we are over joyed at the next great adventure life brings us as grandparents. I am truly overjoyed and will enjoy watching this little one grow. Blessings to all. 

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It's Party Time!!

We hosted our LAST Graduation Party on Sunday!!

My youngest Eliah, had his Graduation Party Sunday afternoon and it was a great time!! Many people came and I cooked for days and I am so happy to have people come and enjoy a meal with us and visit.

Here are a few pics of Eliah!!

Eliah is my pure and true country boy, inside and out. Kim, a dear friend and owner of Batter and Bowls Bakery in the rural Mondovi, Wisconsin area made a few amazing cakes for his great day!! Eliah's Kissing cow cake!! They like to tease each other so this was a little fun she had with Eliah. This cake was poppy seed. A local favorite! 

This is Eliah with Maryann Hron, a dear friend of mine from Shakopee, MN. Her daughter Diane and I were best friends until she tragically died in a car crash. She would say we were twins of other mothers. We shared the same birthday, the same year. We all enjoyed the joy and art of quilting as well. Maryann gave Eliah this beautiful Quilt. It is a beauty and we will treasure it. 

Here is a close up of the cow kiss cake, poppy seed. 

This is the traditional graduation cake she made. This was a marble cake and also soo delicious. There was very little left of both cakes and everyone wondered who had made them. Again, YUM!

Tonight I finished some Bee Blocks for Shawn in the Coast to Coast Bee I am in. I was actually thinking of doing this block myself for my month which is next month, but in a larger size. I guess I will have to come up with something else. I had been thinking on this for a while, but I do have another idea in the back of my head. I love these blocks and the color way Shawn chose. 

Happy Hump Day!!

Saturday, May 23, 2015

My youngest child has Graduated High School!! Hallelujah!!!

Well, I had my youngest son graduate from high school last night and I have to admit we held our breath until the very end!! I am so thankful he accomplished this adventure. He has plans to attend a Technical College in the fall. He is accepted and finally realized he could and was capable of furthering his education this early spring. I love this boy with my whole heart and am so happy for him!! Here he is with one of his best buds. Truly a celebration for them!! Eliah's on the right!

I was having a computer glitch and wasn't able to upload any pics to my blog, but that has now been resolved thanks to the help of my wonderful son-in-law Johnathan. As you know, Celia and Johnathan are expecting their first child!! Due date is July 18th!! Here she is visiting us this past weekend. 

As you can see, she definately has a baby bump and I got to feel the little one moving. I just love it!!

I also have been doing some sewing. For Eliah I made him a quilt for graduation. He loves hunting, fishing, being outdoors, and John Deere equipment so I made a quilt with him completely in mind. Here it is. 

           Here are some of the focus fabrics for his quilt. All things that have a meaning to him.

Pat Bravo a fabric designer with Art Gallery Fabrics had a call for people to make Project Linus Quilts from scraps that she sent out to people. I had the honor to receive some of her fabrics scraps and make a quilt trying to show off her fabrics. It is a simple pattern, but I feel very effective and I love how it turned out! I mailed it out to her this week. 

Eliah also had an FFA banquet where he, being a graduate, passed on his Presidency of the Durand FFA to one of his other best buds McKenzie Schuh. They have been friends since they were wee ones. I am glad they are still close friends. Here are some pics. 

This is Bryce Pittman, Kenzie Schuh and Eliah Traun

Here is Eliah conducting the meeting. 

This is Eliah receiving one of his several awards from the Future Farmers of America. 
He plans on a career in agriculture. 

Well, I think that is plenty enough now. So much more to come. Eliah's Grad Party is next Sunday May 31st. Lots of work ahead of me!! More later! 

Thursday, March 19, 2015

Self Realization and Confessions of A Fabric Addict

Alright, I have been so denying this, but I finally admit full fledged, that I have a fabric addiction!! I always tell myself I am going to sew my stash,  and that the last purchase is the final one, but, Oh, they keep coming out with such wonderful lines!! I keep telling myself, no more, I even have told my daughter to tell me "No More!", but she doesn't live with us anymore now that she is married, so she can only tell me when she is shopping with me, so today I was tempted again and ended up buying a fat quarter bundle of Elizabeth from Tula Pink. The nice thing is, I got it at an amazing deal from the Knotted Thread. I have been drooling over this line since I first saw it, the colors and patterns are so interesting to me. But anyway, I keep praying I can just say NO! :) Wish me luck!! Anyone else feel this way or willing to share your confessions to this problem? Is it even a problem?

Otherwise my daughter is growing her baby bump!! She is closer to her due date now then she is away from it and had an ultrasound. She says they don't want to know the sex, so it will be a surprise and her husband will have the honor of announcing what it is when baby Burg arrives the end of July.

I started a new job last week. I started working at the Hospital in my town and I am very pleased to say what a nice and dedicated staff I will be working with. I find the nursing part/patient care is easy, it's learning all of their systems related to charting, electronic medical records, med systems,etc is the hard part, but I truly am glad to be a part of this organization. I thank my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ for bringing me to a better place, just let my light shine Lord.

One final comment, I find one of the most precious things of early spring is hearing the Robins sing. Last night while making dinner, roasting pork chops and bratwurst on the grill I was tickled pink to hear a Robin singing ever so brightly in the Maple tree in our yard. A most beautiful sound...Happy Spring!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Wonderful Winter!!

Hi! Usually this is the coldest week of winter, but we are being blessed with temps in the  20s-30s this week. I am over joyed!!

I have great news to share!! My only daughter and her husband are expecting end of July!! I am going to be a Nana!!! We got to hear the baby's heart beat!! Here, you can listen yourself!! It's so exciting and now seems so real. Even Celia almost broke out in tears listening,

I also went to check out my new car today!! We have been looking since November for a new vehicle. We decided on a Subaru Outback and my husband insisted we get a 2015 and we ordered what we wanted on it, love heated seats and remote start in these Arctic winter temps we get here in Wisconsin. My daughter insisted I take a picture with my new wheels as I won't be picking it up for a few days. So, here I am!! She said hug it mom! :) It looks brownish in this picture, but it is a green. 

I have had such fun creating the last few months. I have been in a few mini quilt swaps and here is what  I made for the #schnitzelandboominiswap. It is going out in tomorrow's mail and I had so much fun with this. My secret pal Jamie from Iowa said she liked Allison Glass fabrics and solids so I incorporated the two and I find this a very warm mini that I am very fond of. I hope she will like it. 

The Coast to Coast Bee resumed this January and I have had the honor of making blocks for the following ladies. I truly love this group and some of us are going on our 4th year together as a Bee group!!

These are the blocks for Sally! I want to make this quilt too!! So many hopes so little time!! 

The following Churn Dash blocks are for Aimee, she lives in Hawaii! 

I also joined just one more bee called the Stash Bee and I am in Hive 8. I like that we pull fabrics from our stash for this block. The Mama of the month posts a tutorial and colors she would like for her block and we make them. This is the block for Audrey who is also the Hive Mama. I love this one too, another one to add to my bucket list!

Finally on instagram  there is a scrappy log cabin quilt along that started on January 1st. I decided to take the challenge and have pieced my top now. Here is the picture of the layout. I want to quilt this one myself. 

That is the mischief I have been up to lately!! Stay warm and be sure to try to make a snowman if you can, I know I sure will try! 

Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's a busy,busy time and life is good!

Well since my last post I got to go on my first quilt retreat in 4 years!! I was so excited to finally get to one. This November 14th-16th.  I went to a place called the Villa Maria in Frontenac, MN. The weekend was sponsored through Rather Bee Quilting in Lake City, MN. Here is a picture of the Villa. It reminds me of a castle. 

It almost reminds me of a castle! We were on the 3rd floor and we were sewing as a group in the 2nd tower. I loved it there. I hope to do another one next year. 

Anyway, I had so much fun, I got a lot accomplished and a good start on other projects. I signed up for 2 mini swaps with ship dates of December 1st. 
The first one is the Instagram Miniswap, #igminiswap. I was in the #ashleybteam . I made a 22 inch mini-quilt to send to my swap buddie Anna from North Hamptonshire, England. She doesn't know I have her and I have no idea who has me either, I think that adds so much fun to it!!  The pattern is called a woven star and I have to make one for myself one day.

The other instagram swap I was involved in is called the #jollyswap where we send a mini quilt, again to a secret pal and someone I don't know has me and I made a winter themed wall hainging for Gerdia in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I have to say this one is one of my favorites. 

This was my first attempt at free motion quilting and I found it very easy to do and I love the results I got. The buttons are also from my mother-in-law's button collection she left here when I married my husband 25 years ago. She has been gone now for about 10 years so they have a special memory for me. Also I chose these buttons because each snowflake is unique in it's shape they say so the butttons represent that as well. I hope she loves it because this was very fulfilling for me to make. 

I also got my last Lucy Boston Block finished for the year and sent out. It went to Uschy in Switzerland, my homeland as well. 
I also participated in a swap earlier this fall called the Sweet Penny Designs Mini Quilt swap, I sent a mini using Kaffe Fasset fabrics and solids to coordinate with the fabrics in warm tones. I had a brain fart and forgot to take a picture of my own creation. But I was blessed to receive a lovely quilt from Cathy from Australia. She hand appliqued this beauty and it now hands proudly on my living room wall. I absolutely love it. She says it is from an Austrailian Block of the Month. Isn't it pretty?

Finally I want to introduce you to Delilah, she is a new kitty friend we adopted from our farm. She is small for her age and goes to the vet this Friday to get spayed! She has a super high voice and is very playful. We are happy to have her in our family, but Molly the Queen isn't sure what she thinks of this playful kitten.

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgving with your families and are now ready for the race to the Christmas Holiday!! Blessings to you all!!