Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm an Auntie and the red Quilt top is done!!

Well, it finally happened!! I am officially an Auntie in my own blood line. Up until now I am the only child in my family who has her own family until now. Today my sister, Pascale, and her husband Brian had their first and probably only child. He came into the world at 3:33pm Central Time. His name is Zecharias David Stuckman and he was 7# 14oz and 2O inches long. He was due July 14th and showed up today after mommy was induced this morning. Good news both mommy and baby are doing great! So I am a proud Auntie now. Everyone is so excited for them.  They will be great parents.

Today I also was bound and determined to finish my red and white quilt. The top is completely pieced and if it is sunny outside tomorrow I will lay it on the rich green grass outside and take a picture and try to post it on here. I have been trying to get that one done for a little while. I am so glad it is done so I can now move on and work with some other color scheme. I found the pattern in a magazine, they used a completely different color scheme, but I am glad I made it my way. That's the one of they joys of quilting!! You can adapt any pattern and color scheme to make it what you want it to be!!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Heatwave bust!

Well, we surely have endured a hot week, with record setting heat and humidity they say we have not encountered since 1995. The kids were so little and we only had a window unit air conditioner and we all 4, no Eliah back then, slept in the living room on sofas and on the floor trying to stay cool. What memories that elicits. The kids have no recollection, all they know is the central airconditioning that was purchased in 1996! Anyway, being so homebound allowed me to get into making the red and with quilt with touches of greys and pinks. If all goes well I WILL be done piecing it tonight!! I also machine quilted my first quilt! Pascale, my sister, is having a baby any day now and I did it!! It actually looks pretty good if I may say so myself, though I know I will be happy to see how I improve over time. Just glad my stitching is good and the pattern is consistent. Thank God for good effort!

Monday, July 11, 2011

Monday July 11, 2011

Just another manic monday. Well this is my first post. Went to Hudson, WI to a few quilt shops there and spent more money on fabric then I should of, but don't we all do that? Also was very inspired especially by one shop that was part antique store and part fabric store and all her fabrics were singing to me and making my creative juices flow with all the combinations of new-fabrics vs old -antiques. I felt like I could of spent days there. I will definately have to return there sooner then later, but with my mother in tow of course!! She would love it too. Well anyway, my red and white quilt blocks are done, I just need to put the blocks together to finish the top, but my layer cake of fresh cotton from Moda is screaming at me to come cut it into the creation I wish to make. I am someone who likes to finish what I start before starting something new, but will have to see what happens later tonight as I dabble in the fabrics. Too many ideas and not enough time to do them. I hope I live to be a very nimble, old lady!!