Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Celia in the kitchen!

My daughter Celia, is one who claims to want to learn to cook and bake. She has really only made chocolate chip banana bread and that is truly it. Well she decided to make herself a cake. She used a cake mix, but had a blast mixing food coloring and came up with this!!
Celia with her cake!! She made a homemade lemon glaze and grabbed some raspberries from the raspberry patch to decorate it!!

Here is a cross section of the cake. This so expresses Celia. She loves to be creative!! She actually works at Walmart and starting the week of September 7th she will be moving to the bakery section, she had been a cashier and she will be an official cake decorator, or what she prefers to be identified as a Cake Artist. She is soo happy!!

This is Eliah driving his "own" pick-up truck!! He had been looking for a truck for 8 months. He ended up with a 2007 Dodge Ram Pick up Big Horn Edition. I drove it to work yesterday due to car troubles, and  boy does it have a nice ride! Good choice son!!

Ahhh, finally a picture of me!! We rode with Eliah one evening when we were going to a John Harmon Chicken Dinner a few weeks back. As you can see the windows are open and our hairs are flying all over the place. Mama and Celia in the back!! I just love this picture!! LOL! I didn't know she was posing until I saw the pic. It really makes me happy looking at this. 
Happy Day!!! 

Monday, August 19, 2013

Yes, I have been sewing!!

I have truely enjoyed the month of August for sewing. July wasn't bad either!! Here are some of my bee blocks. 

We Bee Learning bee block#1 for Jeni -August

We Bee Learning Bee block #2 for Jeni - August

Simply Solids Blocks for August. Love how these turned out.

Bee Sew Modern Bee Block for August - This was amazing to make. Easy and very effective. Here is a link to the tutorial at Mollyflanders. You can adjust it to any size. We used an 8 inch foundation instead at 3 inch intervals.

 Coast to Coast Bee block for Pattiann. I love this Moda line she used for the blocks. I want to make one like this in a different fabric way probably. It was Christmas in August!! 

These are also a blast. They are for Elita in Switzerland. She has them already as well. She is from the Geneva area, but, did you know I was born and reared some in Uster, Switzerland, about 10-15 minutes with the train just outside of Zurich. I love visiting there!!

 These are Hot Air balloon blocks for Rebecca, she is one of my buddies on line and I just love her!! She is making a special quilt for someone's wedding with a hot air balloon theme. 

This is from Sunday Morning Quilts Bee, I love how she asked us to make 22 inch blocks to piece into a big top. The book says to use one large piece and quilt as you go, but I liked this idea better. 

This is a paper pieced gears block. It was challenging in some ways, but so much fun to make!! 

These are the Japanese x & + blocks. These are an absolutely great way to use up scraps. The tutorial is on my page, I think I have some pretty neat tutorials. 
Fat Stash Bee cross blocks went to Australia. I love how she used text fabrics. 

This is the mischief that I have been up to. I can't wait to show you my brother's wedding quilt!! I just got done finishing the blocks for his Scrappy Trip Around the World Quilt!!! I just need to put the rows together. I will post more later!! 

Friday, August 16, 2013

Dog Days and New Adventures.

Here I sit in the middle of the night, watching old an old rerun of Mission Impossible. It is amazing how young Leonard Nimo, aka Spock, looks. I am not sure if this is before his Star Trek days or not. 

Summer has been an unusual season, first very cold and wet, then it was terribly hot and humid, and now we are having a drought again. I drove past some cornfields and soybean fields visiting a friend of mine this evening and it doesn't look good! It is supposed to me at least a week before we get more rain, I don't think some of the drops will make it especially when we have the 90's coming back this coming week. 

Matthias got a new car this summer, he traded in my old Malibu for his own Chrysler 200. He does so much driving that it is a blessing for him to have a good car. He was packing up his car tonight. He leaves tomorrow morning to head back for his last semester of college in Ashland, Ohio. His arm is mending well. On July 1st he had an accident with some farm machinery that caused a crushing injury to his right arm severing 3 tendons, one to is right thumb and two in his wrist. He had a cast on until last week and then he started Occupational Hand Therapy for his hand. He will continue his therapy in Mashfield, Ohio at Med Central.  I was pleasantly amazed when he used his thumb to hold his fork at dinner Monday.. It was so nice to see him making progress. Matthias I am sure  can't wait to see his College sweetheart Rachel. I can't wait to meet her someday. Hoping he brings her home sometime this fall.  

Celia is now working at Walmart in Eau Claire. She currently is a cashier but will be transferring to the bakery and doing cake decorating. She is really looking forward to it and seems very happy there. The wonderful thing is her Opa works there too and they see each other on a regular basis. I think they are both happy about that. She continues to have John in her life. John is an amazing young man who is so precious and she states she understands how precious he is. They truely shine together and really enjoy each other's company. She will also be subletting an apartment in Eau Claire for the fall semester.  I hope she has grown up alot from last year. I believe she is ready and so am I for her to have this experience. 

Eliah, who had been hunting for a pick-up truck for a good 8 months finally found the object of his desire. He got himself a 2007 Dodge Ram Big Horn edition. It is black and he is so happy to have it. he still has his little sweetie, Lexi in his life. She is a sweetie too!! 

Work remains busy. I feel blessed to care for the people I get to interact with and care for. I just need to take time to take care of myself too, so I can do my best for all. Happy Dog Days of August!