Monday, March 31, 2014

Great News!! My only daughter is betrothed!!!

I am so happy and excited!!! I am now officially helping my lovely daughter, Celia, plan a wedding for August 30th, 2014!!! We went to David's Bridal and found a dress right away. I would love to post pictures of her in it, but I am so concerned her Fiance' would somehow find the pictures so I can't do that at this time. This is her after we went dress shopping, then we were hungry so we went out for a Bento Box at Fuji!! It was so good and we had so much fun!!

My husband also had a hernia repair beginning of February. No wonder I haven't posted for a while! There has been alot going on!! He had a laproscopic repair. Here he is freshly awake from his anesthesia. 

The scary thing is, when he was like this, I really believe he didn't not know who I was. It was so unusual. I also realized he looks like no spring chicken either. I do believe I look alot younger then he does, he is just a cradle robber!! He is all grey, and I barely have a grey hair on my head!! LOL! 

Now this is the guy I know!! He looks just like he should!! Still old, but now he knows me!! Haha.

Matthias' Rachel came to visit us as well at the Beginning of March. She had spring break and wanted to spend it with him. We tried to sneak her here, She wasn't going to tell him she was coming, we had plotted for me to come pick her up at the airport and watch him walk in with her here. He said "I would of dropped dead." Here they are hanging out on the couch!

Rachel with my precious putty Molly. 

I have indeed been sewing. I have been busy with my bees and trying to use my stash, even though I did splurge on some fabrics until the very beginning of March, now I am committed to a fabric fast, I hope! 

Here are some of the works I have done:

This is a throw size quilt using the BQ pattern and fabric by Basic Grey - Little Black Dress by Moda. 
I totally adore this line. Since then I have come across Little Black Dress 2 and I love it even more!! Molly is modeling on it for you. There is no quilt like one with a kitty. 

This quilt was created with the intentions of being a Plus quilt, however, the pattern I used had the dimensions wrong so the blocks wouldn't go together as intended so I pieced it with hopes of making a scrappy large throw size and it worked!! I based the colors on a few fqs I had from Chez Moi. I love how this one turned out. Milo is modeling on this quilt. He is getting a little too big for his britches. He is our fattycat! He likes to lay on his back to sleep. He snores real good too!

Here are some bee blocks I have made for the I Love Lucy International Bee

These blocks are for the Sunday Morning Quilts Bee: We use the book by the same name and I have to say this is an amazing book to use up scraps and it is so creative, so check it out!!

For the Coast to Coast Bee I got to make these amazing Elephants for Jan!!

I have gotten to know a very precious woman who is 90 years old who made this quilt. She has vision problems and I absolutely adore her and just want to share with you what she made for a great-grandchild that is only an infant and she feels will never know her, but that the baby will know was made by her.

It is a twin size quilt and I think she did an amazing job!! Not bad for being legally blind!! I do truly love her, she has such a beautiful and fresh perspective on life. God Bless you my dear friend for making my life better by knowing you!!

Well, I think that is a real quick synopsis of it all. I will leave you with a wonderful picture of a barn quilt that I found here in the Rural landscape of Western Wisconsin. The owner was kind enough to let me take a picture!! Can't wait to tell you more of the adventure ahead!!

Everyone needs a good laugh too!! This was posted on a convenience store the end of January. Notice the snow and we had -20s for temps!! They have the best signs!!  

Tata for now!!