Friday, August 31, 2012

A time for Change - Celia goes to college!

I am so thankful that my two oldest children are in college and are interested in furthering their education in hopes of reaching some goals they have for themselves. Matthias started college in 2009 and started his Senior year a few weeks back in Ashland, Ohio. However, my daughter has just now departed the nest. I took her up to UW-Eau Claire yesterday. We moved her into her first dorm, a make shift dorm. She and several other students are housed at the Plaza Inn and Suites as the UW is always short housing in the fall for all their new incoming students.
     We got up there a around noon. Got her car and the van unloaded quickly, knowing that we both were hungry and some final supplies were needed for after scoping out her room. We went to noodles and company and had the Chili-Lime chicken salad. I used to not be very fond of that place, but with the addition of some salads and yummie sanwiches I don't mind it any more!! So we had a nice lunch together and then we went to Menards to get some supplies, dish detergent, a bike lock, storage tub and stuff like that. Then we went over to Target to get the few things we couldn't find next door and headed her back to the dorms. I got to meet her roomie Alex and she seems like a very nice girl. I think Celia and Alex will get along just fine!! We got the bike locked up on the bike rack and I gave her a hug and told her I loved her and to let us know if she needs any help!! I left after that and had a phone call about 1.5 hours later saying she thought she would have to buy her own toilet paper. LOL!! I thought that was so funny, and proceeded to tell her that I did not think that was true. No dorm I am aware of ever has made their residents supply their own toilet paper. I told her to go talk to her RA about it. On fb she said she was very happy. I am so glad for her, but I must admit, today I do miss her terribly.
     This morning I cleaned up the kitchen real well and we got Eliah all set for school this year. Got him to visit with the football coach as well so that he wouldn't be anxious about it. He was nervous about talking to him, but I wanted him to be a peace and the coach said he fully understood, especially with life on the farm!! He is now mentally ready for school as well!!
     Well, I am glad Celia is happy and I can't wait to hear all about it!! Back to the sewing machine I go!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

I like pickles yes I do, I like diced tomatoes too!!

Well I have been having quite the adventure this week on my weekends. My oldest son, Matthias, thought it would be beneficial to plant 15 hills of cucumbers because he wanted me to make him some pickles. Well, boy did the harvest come in last weekend, so I thought they are freshly picked, I better make some pickles. Recipes on the Internet said pickle them fresh or they are soggy so, being it was my anniversary last Sunday, and 23 years at that to the same man, who would of thought!! I decided to make 12 quart jars of pickles and see how it went. I put in about 3 cloves of garlic, some fresh dill and dill seed and proceeded to load up the jars. I thought it was real easy and went quickly.  I thought this was great! I remember as a young teen my mom making pickles. I remember it differently though. I remember the strong smell of apple cider vinegar, lots of steam, heat! Sticky, humid heat and my mom breaking out a sweat, and it seemed to take forever, but boy were those pickles good!! Well, I got my jars ready and did the deed loading them and then the water bath, boy does that take a while to get it going right, especially with an electric stove. Anyway, I ended up with the pickles and everyone wanted to eat them right away. I said they  had to sit for 3 to 4 weeks. They were all disappointed. The funny thing is, the pickle boy, went back to Ashland University in Ashland, Ohio tThursday to start school on Monday and....wait for it.....he left with out any jars of pickles!!! How ironic is that? Anyway, my youngest son, Eliah, went cucumber picking, didn't get as many pickles today, but I managed to make 7 more jars of pickles!!

Then a friend of mine, who knows my garden is ailing, Mrs. Kim Bauer, called yesterday saying her brother had tomatoes a plenty and was wanting to give some away. A big Thank You goes out to her and her brother!!! So, I called and they were very generous to give them to us. My husband, Mike, went and picked them up today, and the canner is now filled with 5 quarts of diced tomatoes for Chili for the winter. There is nothing like the taste of Summer, garden fresh tomatoes, and that is what canning your own tomatoes tastes like. I guess I have been the happy homemaker the last 2 weekends. The nice thing is I know what is exactly in the food my family eats. 

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Just another Manic Thursday!

I wish sometimes I had more time to just journal on this blog, however, life just seems to be pushing me along at Jet speed, though I wish it was more like a lazy river pace, a little more time for enjoyment. Work has been an adventure. The original coordinator left for a hospital job and for the last month I have been doing 2 jobs with the help of my director. I work with some really awesome people, but it can be overwhelming. I am just longing for some fun in my life right now.

Matthias leaves for College on Thursday August 16th and Celia will begin her new University experience starting August 30. I must say, that will definately create some interesting family dynamics. Only one chicken left in the coop. I am truely fine with that. I always thougth I would dread it, but somehow teenagers make you really look forward to their flight from the nest. I will truely miss Celia alot. She is my only girl, and we spend alot of time together so it will be more peaceful, quiet around here. I am glad she chose a school closer to home. I would of supported her in where ever she would of decided to go to school. She has a lot of ties to Eau Claire and is making new connections every day, so I am happy for her and with good people. She also has been actively persuing employment up there so she can have a job up there. She had a quick interview with Texas Road House and they expressed interest, and also she got a call from Olive Garden. I can see her doing that and having alot of fun with it too. We will see where she ends up with her employment options. I am glad she isn't waiting till the last minute. She seems to really have her head together, Thank You Jesus!!!!

I continue to quilt/sew when I have free time. I am so glad I have such an awesome hobby to be creative in. I have some great Bees I am in too and I just love it. Three of my swaps ended the end of July and I just loved it. Orange you Glad Bee, Quilting Under the Rainbow Bee and the Around the Bend and Across the Pond Row by Row group.  I still have about 5 bees I am still in and am glad to have fewer to do, I will make a point not to sign up for any others till some of the others end too. I am in the Sew Blues Bee, Fat Quarter Stash Bee, Piece Bee With You Bee, Design Camp Bee and I am doing a Granny Block Swap and that is so fun. I am currently in love with that block and it looks soo cool! Alot of great ideas out there, that is for sure!! I really want to work a little more on some of my own creations now.

Well, till next time, float in the River and let God lead you! Kissie Kissie Kermie!