Saturday, September 3, 2016

Labors of Love

Here in the states we as laborers are celebrating our Labor Day weekend. I am so ready for this, didn't realize it until I started sewing today. My precious hubs ordered me to take it easy and relax, well I am one who can never nap, so I decided to sew and watch the Sewing with Nancy episodes on public TV and listen to my favorite Saturday morning line up on Wisconsin Public Radio, I sure get some good laughs every Saturday morning listening to "Wait, wait don't tell me". Paula Poundstone, a female comedian, says the darnedest things and I always enjoy it. The entire morning is a joy to do my household chores listening as I so enjoy doing on Saturday mornings. :P

I have had some fun creating these last few months.

I was in the " Mad Hatter Tea Swap" and had to create something with the Alice in Wonderland Theme. My partner absolutely loved the Alice scene where she is trying to play croquet with a flamingo and using hedgehogs as balls with the queen, so I made her a wall hanging of her favorite scene. I also sent a bunch of flamingo items as she adores flamingos. I also sent a mug and some tea. She said she adored this. It was a lot of work and a true joy to make for her.

My partner, Heather, sent me these lovely banquet napkins she embroidered with Alice in Wonderland Characters. I also love these and the beautiful bright colors she selected.  I will be using these when my mom comes to visit, she loves a cuppa, as do I. 

 She also sent me a wonderful antique tea cup, I LOVE it!! Homemade black berry jam, some tea and a cute bottle with an almond cracker recipe. Thanks again Ms. Heather N.

For August in the Stash Bee Hive 5 MJ requested an improv block in these colors ways, like being at the beach with a touch of rust, this is what I cam up with. I loved making it, no patterns or directions to follow, I just put it together as it spoke to me. I got a message from her that she loves it and it actually inspired her to continue to create a full quilt in this design. Thank you MJ. My honor and I love seeing what others make as well. A great joy of quilting is to be inspired and to inspire others. 

We rebuilt our kitchen last late fall and I noticed fine scratches on my new, beautiful counter tops, so I decided to make some place-mats for the guys to use so they wouldn't do any more damage. I love my new linen look counter tops and don't want them needing to be replaced before their time. As you can see, Molly donated her tail for contrast in the picture. Again, Ms. Kitty inspector is at it again. Can't make anything without her 2 paws worth approval. :)

For September, in the Stash Bee Hive 5, Cheryl requested putty blocks in these color ways. I am tickled I had some other kitty fabric, white on white that I could use for the background, so this is a block with kitties all around.

Here is quilt kitty inspectors 1 & 2 trying to nibble on some corn on the cob. Little Debbie is the Calico on the left, Molly the Queen is on the right. 

Happy Sewing!