Monday, February 15, 2016

Minion Madness - My Magnum Opus!!

I had so much fun this winter, I joined the Despicable Me Craft Swap 2016!!!! I got to make something Minion themed and I have to say, I really love what I made!! My swap buddy received her goodie from me, so now I can show you what I created! I love it!!

                                   I made a wall hanging for Joy @quilty_joyjoy.

See, my crazy Minion Bob as hiding in the bushes of Central Park!! 

I wanted it to look like the sun was setting in the city. It makes me think of New York City. I had so  much fun planning my city view, the violet of the setting sun and the clouds......

 I then thought it would be fun to make a little mug rug for her to enjoy a good cuppa and a treat also with the Minion theme. 

I really enjoyed quilting this too. I started in the center and kept going in a circular motion. I had fun with it!

I also have a new job now and had to go down to Madison, WI the last week of January for training. It was cold, but I sure was surrounded by some amazing women and really enjoyed the ladies! The Wisconsin State Capitol behind me!!  

My sister blessed us with her presence as well. She brought her son Zechariah whom we hadn't seen in a very long time, more then a year. He got to give Molly cat some loving!! So glad they were able to make it!!

We also said good bye to a very precious furry friend the end of January. Milo, our orange tabby, had been battling diabetes for a few years and also was just about 16 years old went to kitty heaven. He was a very easy going kitty that put up with alot and unconditionally love us all. My kids grew up with Milo and it's like they lost a sibling, not a pet. 

This is when he was first diagnosed with Diabetes. He got so much better looking and looked like the old Milo, 

Happy Valentine's Day!!