Thursday, May 22, 2014

The Perfect Day!!

Well here on the farm, it seems the water works have stopped long enough for the men and boys to be out in the field. Here it is 10:30 pm and not a soul but myself is in the house!! Yesterday my husband shared they planted 108 acres of corn and they are going to plant till they drop or get rained out. Eliah has been doing field work, he came in at midnight last night only because he ran out of fuel for that big John Deere tractor he is working with. The amazing part is he managed to still get up with out any difficulty for school this morning. That is very unusual as it always seems I have to pry him out of bed with a crow bar on most days.

This past week was an amazing week for Eliah as well. The FFA banquet was Wednesday night. He was Vice President this past year, but was blessed to be elected for his senior year to come as President of the FFA. The banquet was very nice and the food was great and I was honored to be present. My  son bought me a ticket to attend. Here is a picture of him and his officers from last year. There are 3 Seniors in the group. Eliah second from the right in the back row.

Here are the incoming officers for  2014-2015 

Eliah is the President and he is the second from the left in the back row. For a boy who wants to spend his life farming, I am so happy for him. He has a passion for farming. 

Then Saturday May 17th Durand hosted their Junior Prom and Eliah and his girlfriend Lexi went together. Can you believe they have been dating a year on this dear boy's 17th birthday April 19th? 
Here is a picture of the lovely couple!!

Talk about a 17th Birthday, here is Eliah on his big day!!  

Lexi isn't fond of smiling as she very recently started to wear braces, however, what you don't see in the Prom pictures  is that the rubberbands on her braces match her dress!! She makes him very happy and they seem to get along so well. Her daddy is a true country boy like my son.They come from the same cloth. 

Let's see, I have done some sewing, I finished Celia and John's quilt top for their wedding quilt, but I am still scared to post pictures anywhere in fear they may see it some how, so pictures will be posted, but at a later date. Here are some of the works I have worked on:

These two blocks are for Katie in the Sunday Morning Quilts Bee. She lives in Texas.

This is 4 paper pieced blocks for Aimee from the Coast to Coast Bee

This is a Lucy Boston block for Jan. 

This quilt is from a local quilt group at the Burlington Hotel Quilt Shop and we are doing a around robin and I added the pinwheels on the left side and the bottom to put some contrast and pull out colors from the center panel.  

And of course, it wouldn't be a post if it wasn't for Molly inspecting the latest aquisition of fabric I bought at a LQS. She also is the chief inspector for any sewing/quilting I do. So far everything meets with her approval. She is a very precious kitty. 

HAPPY SPRING!! It has finally arrived. Time to plant my garden this upcoming Memorial Day Weekekend.