Friday, October 18, 2013

Eliah's smooshed truck

I promised pics from Eliah's Dodge Ram with it's owies. Here they are:

He bent the frame and the cab was actually pushed up. As you can see the passenger front side has extensive damage. So thankful to God for protecting my young'un. I believe a big lesson was learned by him as well as the other men in my family,  The following are famous words uttered by a very wise person I know: 

"Every child should have a beater of a car for the first few years until they have their driving skills down. Everyone of them will have their little adventures as they grow in driving abilities and get the feel for all weather conditions. Once they have that down, then they can invest in a nice vehicle."

Now for something fun to leave you with, my boss bought these amazing shoes!! Anyone who craves yarn and yarn related activities these are for you!!!

Knitted shoes made by Dansko!! I admire the person who came up with these!! Enjoy!!

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  1. So glad your son came through that okay! It doesn't look good. We gave our son our old Crown Victoria that is worth about a thousand bucks. It runs and gets him from here to there (there being his job). He says he'll drive it until it dies then trade it for something a little newer and a little nicer but "it's just a car and I'd rather spend my money on important stuff like video games". :-D Oy.