Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Life is a Joyful Adventure!

As we come to the end of the beautiful Autumn and the last leaves change color I feel so thankful for the beauty God has provided. We get so used to seeing the trees green or no leaves at all we don't realize how fast this blurb of color passes, I also am enjoying the love of my family and dear friends.

This is a picture as I drove past one of our hay fields. 

My precious Granddaughter Esther is truly a delight. She is trying so hard to try to roll over. She is 3 months old.  I am so Blessed to be able to spend 2 days a week with her and my daughter. She comes down on my days off. Here are some pics of my little sweetie!

This is my 50th Birthday Picture!!! October 1st was the big day!! 

I have been busy sewing, Bee blocks, and trying to get some UFO's finished!! 

We have a lot of babies being born, so I am having so much fun making baby bibs that have flannel backings. Esther modeled one for us the other day. I like how they fit!! There are 21 bibs here!! 

This Ship block is for the Stash Bee Hive 8. It went together a lot quicker then expected. 

These blocks are for Andrea in the Coast to Coast Bee. These were fun!! I'll have to do something like this someday, add it to the bucket list!! 

I also on a whim signed up for the No Tricks, all Treats Swap. We had to make a Halloween themed draw string bag and fill it with $10-15 of goodies!! I made this one and had a blast thinking about my swap buddy as I filled it and sent it her way! 

I had some quilts in a Quilt Show in Alma, Wisconsin. I haven't shown anyone these quilts so I'll post them here!

This is a quilt from the book Sunday Morning Quilts. I was in a Bee by the same name and these are some of the blocks I received from the ladies. It makes a wonderful throw/twin sized quilt. I just need to quilt it now, but it is pieced!!! 

I hope you are having a great harvest season!! Enjoying all the pumpkin, apple  and spiced yummies available this time of year!!, 

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