Saturday, August 20, 2011

Saturday again already?

Well, it has been quite a month. Have been very busy working, but did get all my blocks for August mailed out for the Nubees, Orange you Glad and Under the Rainbow Bees. I have so much fun sewing for others and it is so neat to see everyone enjoying getting their goodies, not to mention I also enjoy getting squishies in the mail too. I have been a good girl for the last 2 weeks and not purchases any additional fabrics, it's not like I don't have enough fabric, my goodness, I have been collecting it for years, it's just that the new stuff is so gorgeous, and of course all I have was gorgeous to me at some time or I would not of bought it right? Well anyway I am having fun for doing blocks now for a group called SimpleBee and it is alot of fun! Very easy blocks that create quite a dance for the eyes to enjoy. I need to go put some coffee on! There, the pot is a going. Well anyway, I had better go now, found a Zuchinni that went bad very quickly, so better go clean it up! Till next time, keep sewing!

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  1. hi jackie! i couldn't find your email and i'd love to send you some details about our new bee. please write me at katherine.gibson@gmail !