Thursday, September 22, 2011

It is a time for refreshing

Wow, how does time fly? I have been very busy belonging to various online bees and loving it completely and having fun creating for other quilters. It is so satisfying to be doing things that please and become part of someone else's legacy or a part of their creating and knowing you contributed to it in some way!  I have been making several blocks, none for myself really, well a few to add to a color scheme I have been working on ; raspberry, orange and greens for a sampler block quilt as almost all of these blocks will have been made by my fellow bee mates and I truely appreciate and enjoy what they have made for me, each and every block I truely enjoy and appreciate the effort and creativity of the creators!! Thank you ladies for impacting my life individually by your own precious and humorous personalities. When it is done it will be so precious to me to reflect with the interaction I have with each indidvidual from all over this globe. Flickr sure makes the world seem like a smaller place!

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