Thursday, August 9, 2012

Just another Manic Thursday!

I wish sometimes I had more time to just journal on this blog, however, life just seems to be pushing me along at Jet speed, though I wish it was more like a lazy river pace, a little more time for enjoyment. Work has been an adventure. The original coordinator left for a hospital job and for the last month I have been doing 2 jobs with the help of my director. I work with some really awesome people, but it can be overwhelming. I am just longing for some fun in my life right now.

Matthias leaves for College on Thursday August 16th and Celia will begin her new University experience starting August 30. I must say, that will definately create some interesting family dynamics. Only one chicken left in the coop. I am truely fine with that. I always thougth I would dread it, but somehow teenagers make you really look forward to their flight from the nest. I will truely miss Celia alot. She is my only girl, and we spend alot of time together so it will be more peaceful, quiet around here. I am glad she chose a school closer to home. I would of supported her in where ever she would of decided to go to school. She has a lot of ties to Eau Claire and is making new connections every day, so I am happy for her and with good people. She also has been actively persuing employment up there so she can have a job up there. She had a quick interview with Texas Road House and they expressed interest, and also she got a call from Olive Garden. I can see her doing that and having alot of fun with it too. We will see where she ends up with her employment options. I am glad she isn't waiting till the last minute. She seems to really have her head together, Thank You Jesus!!!!

I continue to quilt/sew when I have free time. I am so glad I have such an awesome hobby to be creative in. I have some great Bees I am in too and I just love it. Three of my swaps ended the end of July and I just loved it. Orange you Glad Bee, Quilting Under the Rainbow Bee and the Around the Bend and Across the Pond Row by Row group.  I still have about 5 bees I am still in and am glad to have fewer to do, I will make a point not to sign up for any others till some of the others end too. I am in the Sew Blues Bee, Fat Quarter Stash Bee, Piece Bee With You Bee, Design Camp Bee and I am doing a Granny Block Swap and that is so fun. I am currently in love with that block and it looks soo cool! Alot of great ideas out there, that is for sure!! I really want to work a little more on some of my own creations now.

Well, till next time, float in the River and let God lead you! Kissie Kissie Kermie!

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