Friday, August 31, 2012

A time for Change - Celia goes to college!

I am so thankful that my two oldest children are in college and are interested in furthering their education in hopes of reaching some goals they have for themselves. Matthias started college in 2009 and started his Senior year a few weeks back in Ashland, Ohio. However, my daughter has just now departed the nest. I took her up to UW-Eau Claire yesterday. We moved her into her first dorm, a make shift dorm. She and several other students are housed at the Plaza Inn and Suites as the UW is always short housing in the fall for all their new incoming students.
     We got up there a around noon. Got her car and the van unloaded quickly, knowing that we both were hungry and some final supplies were needed for after scoping out her room. We went to noodles and company and had the Chili-Lime chicken salad. I used to not be very fond of that place, but with the addition of some salads and yummie sanwiches I don't mind it any more!! So we had a nice lunch together and then we went to Menards to get some supplies, dish detergent, a bike lock, storage tub and stuff like that. Then we went over to Target to get the few things we couldn't find next door and headed her back to the dorms. I got to meet her roomie Alex and she seems like a very nice girl. I think Celia and Alex will get along just fine!! We got the bike locked up on the bike rack and I gave her a hug and told her I loved her and to let us know if she needs any help!! I left after that and had a phone call about 1.5 hours later saying she thought she would have to buy her own toilet paper. LOL!! I thought that was so funny, and proceeded to tell her that I did not think that was true. No dorm I am aware of ever has made their residents supply their own toilet paper. I told her to go talk to her RA about it. On fb she said she was very happy. I am so glad for her, but I must admit, today I do miss her terribly.
     This morning I cleaned up the kitchen real well and we got Eliah all set for school this year. Got him to visit with the football coach as well so that he wouldn't be anxious about it. He was nervous about talking to him, but I wanted him to be a peace and the coach said he fully understood, especially with life on the farm!! He is now mentally ready for school as well!!
     Well, I am glad Celia is happy and I can't wait to hear all about it!! Back to the sewing machine I go!!

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