Thursday, November 8, 2012

SSS Secret Santa Soire

Well, I had so much fun with the Colorado Lady with the ugly fabric swap which I learned about on her blog, I saw she had a Secret Santa Soiree for the upcoming holiday season and I just had to join! I used to work at a few places where we had these fun activities and I really miss not participating, so I thought it would be so much fun for me!! I love thinking about people and what they may like and then trying to sneak it to them until the final reveal, so I am hoping Suzanne will accept me into her fold to further participate in the fun adventures she has come up with. She has some wonderfully creative ideas I must say and I love her Vintage Thursdays. So, we will see how it goes!!

On another note, a wonderfully awesome woman, named Teri, that I met a year ago during an online  fabric swap, has honestly become one of my best buds. My online bud, though I wish we lived near each other. We have tentative plans to meet in Ohio in the spring for the International Quilt Festival and I am hoping all goes well. The reason I mention her is she had major surgery yesterday and she has been in my Prayers and on my mind constantly. I know she will be just fine when all is done, but I can imagine the discomfort she must be going through and my heart goes out to her, so continue to Pray I will.

I have gotten some great things completed this past weekend for other Bees. I belong to the Sew Blues Bee with a great group of Ladies. Some of us are in our secound round with the First round being called Orange You Glad Bee. The orange is gone, but the blues carry on! Hey I'm a poet and didn't even know it! Hahaha.
Enough of that!! I really love these bees. They are so much fun to be a part of, connecting with others. Living in Rural Wisconsin sure doesn't leave may opportunities to mingle with fellow quilters as an urban area would, lots more options, but I keep hoping new things will come along. So, that's it for now!

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