Thursday, November 22, 2012

They are all home!!

Well, here it is Thanksgiving morning and for thie first time since the middle of August, everyone is home. Celia made it this morning at 2:21am. She works at the McDonald's on Truax Blvd in Eau Claire and she had to close so after work, she came down. She also came with a HUGE basket full of laundry to do. I will let her tackle it this time. Last time I did it for her.

The turkey is already in the oven, Mike and I always have the tradition that I get up early and make the stuffing and he comes in and gets the turkey ready and stuffs it. That is one thing we do together! :) The boys will go out deer hunting today. Matthias got a nice sized doe opening day. I made Venison Geschnatzles monday night for dinner. It was the best!!

 It has been about 60 degrees the last few days, Today is also supposed to be 60, but tomorrow, winter comes back with an expected high of 29 degrees. I thought I would mention it as we forget all these fulkes in our weather. Usually we are in the 30's maybe 20's for a high.

I made a few more bee blocks, I am wanting to do a mystery quilt,  This one sounds great, It tells the fabric requirements and the first clue comes out tomorrow!! I really want to do this one!! I am going to try to get it done!! I have made a few mystery quilts and I have so enjoyed what I came out with. The joy of it is you follow instructions for pieces of this and make that and when you get done you have something amazing! Usually something you would not of thought to make for yourself!

Here are the Design Camp Bee group #2 blocks for Jody.

They are both at least 13 + inches and I LOVE how they turned out.

I continue to try to tidy my sewing area. Hopefully I can sneak some sewing in today!! I know the kids like the Macy's day parade, grown up or not!! Football I am sure will be sneaking in somewhere today too!!
Happy Thanksgiving!

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