Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Eliah did it!!! Stay off the roads! :)

My youngest son, Elaih, who turned sixteen on April the 19th did his driver's test today and got his driver's lisence! He was dying to go see his little lady friend, but dad said no since the insurance man needed to be called in the morning first to put him on the insurance. He was bummed, but now hopes to visit her this weekend. Of course we had to celebrate the occasion and I let him pick what he wanted where and he chose the Dairy Queen for a vanilla cone dipped in cherry. Like father, like son! LOL!

 We also stopped at Dave McMahon's to discuss Eliah's truck options. The other day he said, I'd be happy with a Chevy, you see he is addicted to the thought of a Dodge Ram and I told him he needed to expand his horizons, which he did. So..we went and let Dave know that a Chevy would be good too, but the Ram is his first  choice.

Otherwise I have been diligently creating blocks for my brother's wedding quilt. I will have to post some blocks. I think it's going to be really nice when it's done. I feel caught up with my work and Spring has finally sprung, we hit 80 degrees today only to have a snow storm with a high of 36 on Thursday, yuck!! Oh well, every year has it's unique ways!

I had the fun of being a chaperone for the post prom party here in Durand Saturday night. I have to say we have some really neat young people in our town. They all behaved so well and seemed to have so much fun! I ran a jousting game and boy oh boy do some people play hard and take it very seriously. I was amazed how many kids were completely worn out before their time was even up. They had a blast and it was an honor to serve. Next year Eliah will go, he said he wants a pink camo tux, but don't tell him I told you!

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