Friday, April 26, 2013

Winter Ended Today and in Shone Spring

    This has been a most unusal winter. Yesterday was the 1st day we got to the 50 degree mark since December 7th, 2012.. Today we hit 70 degrees and our little town of Durand had their community wide thrift sales kick off!! My mom is also a participant in this event. I hope she raises alot of mula for her orphanages in Burma!!

     Celia went off to Chicago today. I hope she has a blast with her friends. It is difficult having your children grow up trying to exert such independence but doing it so poorly thinking they know it all and the not so good choices they make, but I am learning to shut up after I said my peace and let them go through it as they don't want any help, but boy do they make mistakes and can a Mother's heart ache, but at this stage, they don't care. All I can do is pray, and trust me, I am praying to my Almighty Savior to guide them through it till they grow up a little more and come out the other side. Help me Jesus!! I know I can't make it on my own.

Well, March was the end of the Sew Blues Bee. I so enjoy all those ladies and miss them this month. There are plans for a new Bee with these lovies to start this summer. I plan to participate and enjoy their joyous natures!!

I have been making a few blocks though for some of the other bees I am involved in including the Sunday Morning Quilts Bee, the Bee Sew Modern group, the simply solids bee and finally I reupped for the fat stash bee. The bee mama there is also real awesome!! Ms. Rebecca!! Here are my creations for them this month of April.
Fat Stash Bee Book block with Selvedge messages of Love for a wedding quilt in progress!!

Charlotte's Gumdrops for the Sunday Morning Quilts Bee

Simply Solids Block. I love this one!!

Sew Bee Modern Bee Converging Corners Block for Kelie, but I accidentally sent it to Jackie!!

This is Jackie's Block for the Bee Sew Modern Block that I sent to Kelie! :)

This is an Orange Slap for Tessophia that I sent to Austrailia for her Sunday Morning Quilts bee. She wants to make a rainbow themed quilt. All orange scraps from my stash.

I wish a wonderful spring, with lots of sun, rain and spring flowers that make your nostrils want to dance!! I have to say one of my favorite things about spring are thunderstorms, they make everything smell so clean and fresh!! Blessings!!

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