Sunday, August 10, 2014

Three weeks and counting!!

Wow, where does the summer go? I can't believe I haven't written here for quite a while. I guess it's time to do a little catch up!!

The biggest news is that Celia and Johnathan's wedding is sneaking up on us super fast!! August 30, 2014, it all seemed so far away at one point.  Three weeks to go and all the time spent planning and doing things and just as one list gets completed there is another whole list to complete. Right now I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of the other 50% of the wedding response cards that have NOT arrived yet and are due back here my Wednesday August 13th. I have already warned the lovely couple they may be spending next weekend trying to follow up with their guests as the caterer would like his numbers. The kids decided on a Southwestern flair for their meal. They want chicken and steak fajitas and Chicken and Bacon Quesadillas along with a black-bean and corn salad, cucumber salad, fresco beans California style, thank you sister for the recipe!! Fresh fruit and then some lovely cupcakes in Chocolate, Almond white, lemon poppy seed and Celia's favorite Apple spice. We are also having a popcorn/candy buffet. Can you believe we ordered 60# of candy? We also ordered Lindt Truffle balls in three delightful flavors: Dark chocolate orange, coconut and white chocolate with cocoa bean! YUM!! Also looking at Dove Chocolates the chocolate mint and chocolate peanut butter as the wrappers match their color theme Coral and Turquoise.

We went to Olson's Ice Cream Shoppe in Chippewa Falls while wedding shopping and here is the lovely couple!! Don't worry, we were not dress shopping, Johnathan was not allowed for that part!!

Matthias' Rachel was here from Ohio for 3 weeks too! She actually worked for a little while for the Pioneer Seed Corn pollinating corn. She helped in providing food for the world! She said she really enjoyed the research part of it and they liked her so much the wanted her to stay till the end of August, however, she has only 1 more year of University left and she starts school next week so that wouldn't work. She is a wonderful woman to have around and fits right in with the family.

I have been sewing some, it is real hard to fit in with all that is going on, however, I did manage to get Celia and Johnathan a wedding quilt made!!!! It is completely finished and I would LOVE to post pictures now, but my daughter is snoopy and can be sneaky and I have been keeping her completely in the dark about this. She "thinks" I may of made her a quilt, but she is not sure. I have been very careful to not let her see me work on it at all as I want it to be a surprise, so as much as I would love to post pictures now, I don't trust Ms. Snoopypants so I will wait to post till after the wedding. I am so happy wit h how it came out though.

I have also been doing some english paperpiecing, I am enjoying the Lucy Boston Block Bee I am in. Here are  some of the blocks I've made!

It's amazing how different each one is and the different tastes that people have in fabrics and color requests. I am happy with each one of these!!

The following two are for the Sunday Morning Quilts Bee, she wanted anything goes. 

This bock is for Leslie in the Coast to Coast Bee. this block looks mildly intimidating but I loved making it and it is on my to-do list someday!!

There are 5 blocks here. This is a postage stamp type block also for the Sunday Morning Quilts Bee. She requested 30's repo fabrics and I was truly happy to make them for her!! I was supposed to make 4,but I was having so much fun I made 5 and they arrived at their Australian destination!

These fun colorful homespun plaid blocks were for Marta in the Coast to Coast Bee and I just love how they turned out. I have a small stash of these too and I think I now know how I want to use them if they still live here, I am thinking I might have just given them away. I will check someday. :)

I have done a few more things lately, but I will get more pics soon!! I won't stay away so long either, you know, writing is truely a good and healthy outlet!! 


  1. Lovely blocks Jacque! I cannot wait to see the wedding quilt :) xo jan

  2. Hi Jacque! Enjoyed your chatty post! Looking forward to seeing the wedding quilt. All the things you've been making so pretty!