Tuesday, December 2, 2014

It's a busy,busy time and life is good!

Well since my last post I got to go on my first quilt retreat in 4 years!! I was so excited to finally get to one. This November 14th-16th.  I went to a place called the Villa Maria in Frontenac, MN. The weekend was sponsored through Rather Bee Quilting in Lake City, MN. Here is a picture of the Villa. It reminds me of a castle. 

It almost reminds me of a castle! We were on the 3rd floor and we were sewing as a group in the 2nd tower. I loved it there. I hope to do another one next year. 

Anyway, I had so much fun, I got a lot accomplished and a good start on other projects. I signed up for 2 mini swaps with ship dates of December 1st. 
The first one is the Instagram Miniswap, #igminiswap. I was in the #ashleybteam . I made a 22 inch mini-quilt to send to my swap buddie Anna from North Hamptonshire, England. She doesn't know I have her and I have no idea who has me either, I think that adds so much fun to it!!  The pattern is called a woven star and I have to make one for myself one day.

The other instagram swap I was involved in is called the #jollyswap where we send a mini quilt, again to a secret pal and someone I don't know has me and I made a winter themed wall hainging for Gerdia in Ann Arbor, Michigan. I have to say this one is one of my favorites. 

This was my first attempt at free motion quilting and I found it very easy to do and I love the results I got. The buttons are also from my mother-in-law's button collection she left here when I married my husband 25 years ago. She has been gone now for about 10 years so they have a special memory for me. Also I chose these buttons because each snowflake is unique in it's shape they say so the butttons represent that as well. I hope she loves it because this was very fulfilling for me to make. 

I also got my last Lucy Boston Block finished for the year and sent out. It went to Uschy in Switzerland, my homeland as well. 
I also participated in a swap earlier this fall called the Sweet Penny Designs Mini Quilt swap, I sent a mini using Kaffe Fasset fabrics and solids to coordinate with the fabrics in warm tones. I had a brain fart and forgot to take a picture of my own creation. But I was blessed to receive a lovely quilt from Cathy from Australia. She hand appliqued this beauty and it now hands proudly on my living room wall. I absolutely love it. She says it is from an Austrailian Block of the Month. Isn't it pretty?

Finally I want to introduce you to Delilah, she is a new kitty friend we adopted from our farm. She is small for her age and goes to the vet this Friday to get spayed! She has a super high voice and is very playful. We are happy to have her in our family, but Molly the Queen isn't sure what she thinks of this playful kitten.

I hope you all had a lovely Thanksgving with your families and are now ready for the race to the Christmas Holiday!! Blessings to you all!! 

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