Wednesday, June 3, 2015

It's Party Time!!

We hosted our LAST Graduation Party on Sunday!!

My youngest Eliah, had his Graduation Party Sunday afternoon and it was a great time!! Many people came and I cooked for days and I am so happy to have people come and enjoy a meal with us and visit.

Here are a few pics of Eliah!!

Eliah is my pure and true country boy, inside and out. Kim, a dear friend and owner of Batter and Bowls Bakery in the rural Mondovi, Wisconsin area made a few amazing cakes for his great day!! Eliah's Kissing cow cake!! They like to tease each other so this was a little fun she had with Eliah. This cake was poppy seed. A local favorite! 

This is Eliah with Maryann Hron, a dear friend of mine from Shakopee, MN. Her daughter Diane and I were best friends until she tragically died in a car crash. She would say we were twins of other mothers. We shared the same birthday, the same year. We all enjoyed the joy and art of quilting as well. Maryann gave Eliah this beautiful Quilt. It is a beauty and we will treasure it. 

Here is a close up of the cow kiss cake, poppy seed. 

This is the traditional graduation cake she made. This was a marble cake and also soo delicious. There was very little left of both cakes and everyone wondered who had made them. Again, YUM!

Tonight I finished some Bee Blocks for Shawn in the Coast to Coast Bee I am in. I was actually thinking of doing this block myself for my month which is next month, but in a larger size. I guess I will have to come up with something else. I had been thinking on this for a while, but I do have another idea in the back of my head. I love these blocks and the color way Shawn chose. 

Happy Hump Day!!


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