Friday, July 24, 2015

A baby is born!! I'm a grandma!!!!

Well, I am proud to announce that I AM A GRANDMOTHER!!!!!

 My daughter and her husband gave birth on Sunday July 12th at 10:00PM to a precious baby girl they named Esther Cecilia. Cecilia is a family name. Celia's great-grandmother, my grandmother's name is Cecelia Anna Hoehne and she is still alive at 91 years of age and is now a great, great grandmother with good cognition and lives in her own apartment in Germany.

We talk about how we should all try to go visit her. The  generations that currently reside in the US and get a family, 5 generation picture.\

Here are some pictures:
The I'm officially admitted to the hospital in labor picture:

This is Celia just after she had Esther, 22 hours worth of labor. I am so proud of what a trooper this young lady was. No meds, all natural and a great pusher!! 

And, here's ESTHER!!

Here is my precious dad, George with his grandbaby. I just love this picture. 

George has had alot of heart issues over the last few years and I am so glad he is here to celebrate the arrival of a great-grand child.My mother has been in Asia working in her Ministry and so she hasn't seen this little bundle yet, but I know she is chomping at the bit to get home. 

This final picture is of my own hubby, Mr. Mike holding his grand daughter last night when we invited the new family over for dinner and my hubs was so happy to hold her. 

A new page in our life is opened and we are over joyed at the next great adventure life brings us as grandparents. I am truly overjoyed and will enjoy watching this little one grow. Blessings to all. 


  1. She is so adorable! Congratulations! Ya'll should definitely try to go to Germany. That would be great! I have a photo of 5 generations on my side of the family. xo jan

  2. Congratulations, Grammy!!! Esther is adorable! What a sweetie!