Thursday, July 20, 2017

Esther turns 2!!!!!

Our precious grand daughter Esther turned two on July 12th. We gathered here at the Traun home to celebrate the wondrous occasion on the 15th! Here Esther is getting ready to blow out her candles, but she's not sure what she should really do. 

I went to IKEA and and she fell in love with this little cart, so I couldn't resist getting it for her. She uses it all of the time, putting different things in there and scooting around the house when she is here at Mimi's house.  

  • Here she is wearing some of her birthday jewelry. She sure liked the big beads!

  • This girl absolutely loves chocolate!! She HAD to have chocolate cake and ice cream. This girl went through 4 single scoops of ice cream!!! You can tell what her favorites are!! 

  • I just love this sweet girl with all of my heart. She is kind and sensitive, listens very well and is very eager to learn. She loves her Mimi and I treasure every second I can spend with her and teach her and love on her. Happy Birthday Esther!!! Mimi LOVES you!

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