Saturday, January 13, 2018

Nothing like God Friends and Family

Last September we had our dearest friends and their families join us for a day of good food, friendship and an awesome hayride around our farm. We had a total of 5 couples with some of their kids and grand kids attend. It was a most wonderful day with the best weather.


                                         Rachel Tatsch, John, Esther and Celia Burg. Rachel is Matthias' sweetie and Celia is our daughter here with her family.

                  Ashley Bauer Proue with her hubs Jason and sweeties Xavier and daughte Zoey. 
 Matthias my son and his sweetie Rachel. 

                                                    Neil Bauer and his sweetie Katie.
 Barry and Heidi and their Brittany wth her honey other daughter.
 Hay Ride time! One of our John Deere tractors pulling us up around the rolling hills of Urne, WI. We went atop one of our bluff hills and were able to see for miles around us, what a breath taking view.
                                                              Mike and Kim Bauer.

                           Don and Colette Weiss
The memories of this day will stay with me all of my days. It was truly a joy and I am glad I wrote about so as not to forget it.

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