Saturday, March 17, 2012

Who ever thought that Quilting would be changing so much. There are so many resources online with Online Bees, Swaps, Tutorials, You tube videos to learn from and awesome blogs to learn just about anything and then the wonderful online fabrics you buy where the variety is endless and you can usually find just what your looking for. The enthusiasm that is shared with other quilters and the bonds that develop are amazing. An unconditional group of lovely people all sharing the same interests the world over. Just thinking about this as I shared with someone in a quilt shop today about the different bees and swaps I was involved in and she said, "wow, you sure wound like an excited quilter", I guess I am,  I just hadn't thought about it before. I so do love my hobby. It is a healthy outlet for my creative energies and I am happy with life the way it is, Thank You Jesus! Anyway, life is good.
     Celia graduates in a little over 2 months and has decided to go to UW-Eau Claire. I think she will be happy there and it is close to home if she needs anything. She said she chose it because it is just easier. She will be able to keep her job and stay active in a church she loves. Her words btw. She has been building this relationship with a guy named Nathaniel. His parents are Nazi's and have now forbid him from talking to her. I could go on about this subject, but then I would have to kill you. No really, they create alot of concern in me for their son. I am strict, but nothing like that and it is all justified by faith, that is not right.
     Matthias is thinking about studying abroad. Who would of ever thought he, Mr. Rigid and routine, would ever consider such a thing. I am so happy he is even considering it!! I encourage and support him completely in that adventure! He came home at spring break looking really buff, usually he comes home chubby, he loooked so good. First thing out of Mike's mouth was "He must have a girlfriend." He isn't on the meal plan this year and he says he eats alot healthier, cooking for himself. He is growing up so awesome!
     Eliah's grades bite the dirt. However, before Matthias left back to school on sunday, Eliah promised him he would improve his grades! Wow, what did big brother say to him to make him say something like that? He also has this awesome little girlfriend, Sarah, who is in advanced algebra as a freshman and on Academic Decathelon and Forensics. I hope she lights a fire underneath him! She seems like such a sweetie, I got to meet her when I took them to the movies and out for pizza.

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