Wednesday, January 23, 2013

The Coldest Week of the Year!

Well, this year traditionally ends up being the coldest week of the year here in Wisconsin. Tomorrow we are supposed to have close to -20 degrees, but the real bone chiller is when the wind blows with it, like today. I don't mind the cold really, except for when the bone chilling damp wind blows. So nice to have the wood heat burning here!! I am so thankful for it, it makes things warm even if I live in a drafty farm house! I have been a busy little bee sewing for my bees this past week.

These two  blocks are for Shelley from the Design Camp Bee #2. The grey background block is actually aqua/robins egg blue. Wow, bad camera, but you get the idea.

These two blocks are for Safiya from the Modern Mosaic Bee. She is due to have a baby girl this year and has requested these colors so she can make a baby quilt for her little sweetie!!! I just had to stick a few fairies in there for her. I have truely enjoyed this group. This is the last month of blocks for this group.

The last two shots are from the Across the Pond and Around the Bend  Row by Row Bee I am in. This is Susan's quilt top. Susan made the middle row. Moni made the top row and I made the bottom row. I am actually in love with this friendship star block and just had to add it to her row. Each month we send the top around to our members and we add a row. I added the colored strip as well as Moni added it above and I like how it added to the top. I have so enjoyed this group as well. What a wonderful group of ladies we have. I have been involved in bees with them before and admire each woman. Well, my next adventure is to try to finish a UFO and do the Skill Builder blocks for January.

Stay warm and snuggle if you can!!

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