Saturday, March 16, 2013

Sewing away on the Winter's day

Wow, does time fly. I have been wanting to post, but time just keeps whizzing by and here we are, middle of March. St. Patrick's day is tomorrow and I will have to run and get some corned beef and cabbage to make the traditional boiled dinner tomorrow. My dad is Irish and my mom has done this for years, I just started the last few years when I realized I acutally like corned beef.

I have been a busy little Bee making blocks and rows for the various groups I am in. The Sew Blues Bee is coming to an end this month. There are such awesome women in that group. Many of us have been in two bees together. Our fearless leader Staci keeps us all corraled up and going. We were first the Orange You Glad Bee, then a new group formed and we added some new people and we be came the Sew Blues Bee. Now it sounds like there will be a third group, again many of us wanting to join that group. We have bonded I believe and what a blessed group they are! 

This is the March block for the Sew Blues Bee for Marta. A woven ribbons block. I must of had dyslexia with this block. I had to use my seam ripper more for this block then some quilts I made.

This is for Jenny from the Fat Stash Bee for March. She wanted flying geese and we could choose how we wanted to make them. I just love this block pattern.

This is a 15"x15" plus sized block. It is for Jill in the Sunday Morning Quilts Bee. We are using the book titled by that same name. We make a block for 2 people each month. It is a GREAT book with lots of inspiration and a great way to use up your scraps!!

This block is for Christine in the Sunday Morning Quilts Bee. I love this one too! Again, great way to use scraps! I love scrap and stash busting!

These blocks are for Sally in Sew Blues Bee. She is making a quilt for her dear friend who loves blues. This is called the Arrowhead block. A super simple technique from the Quiltmaker Magazine. I have actually made several of these blocks in harvest colors. I just haven't put them together into anything yet. Trying to decide if they need sashing or not.

I joined a Simply Solids Bee. There are several groups, I am in the Veradian Hive. We can stash bust here too!! We use solids to make the requested block and color way. These blocks are for Nicole.

One of our Sew Blues Bees member has been very ill, so they requested this scrappy trip around the world block with some Kaffe Fasset fabrics, one being a blue and I found 3 Kaffe's  I could use. I love the warmth of this block. The quilt turned out great she just got it this week!!

This was the February block for Sheila from the Fat Stash Bee. She is such a neat person. I love her joyful spirit!! I love this one too! The joy of bees is trying new blocks and color ways. I just love it!  

This is my youngest son Eliah. His big brother Matthias gave a poodle dog hat to Celia, his sister, and Eliah was willing, begrudgingly, to let me take a picture of him in it. I just had to post it here for posterity. If he ever sees it here, he will kill me!! But he is good natured and I just love him! I love them all!!

This is a Row by Row that belongs to a very dear person to me, Teri from North Carolina. I have grown very close to her and love her like a sister. I  added the  twinkling stars and Peace & Joy Row. She needed some twinkling stars in there and when I though of her and Christmas I thought of Peace and Joy!! The Cardinal and Holly too!! I made up my own applique. What is so fun about this project is that I used all techniques for quilting! I paper pieced, traditional pieced and appliqued. I soo love how it came out, I hope she does too!! I just sent it back to her yesterday.

Teri's quilt a full view. She make the top 2 rows with Merry Christmas and the 9 patch blocks.

Now that I am caught up, not that I was behind mind you, but for the month with bees and such I am diligently working on my brother's wedding quilt. All I know is that they are planning their wedding for October. I am torn between the Intertwined Wonky Star quilt or the Scrappy Trip Around the World Quilt. I made a star block and am not sure, but today I will try the trip around the world. They really like the colors pink, grey and black. I am going to add turqoise/aqua to it as well. Not sure what else yet at this time. Just tinkering still. Will post some pics later.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!! I love the Irish! :)

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