Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Celia in the kitchen!

My daughter Celia, is one who claims to want to learn to cook and bake. She has really only made chocolate chip banana bread and that is truly it. Well she decided to make herself a cake. She used a cake mix, but had a blast mixing food coloring and came up with this!!
Celia with her cake!! She made a homemade lemon glaze and grabbed some raspberries from the raspberry patch to decorate it!!

Here is a cross section of the cake. This so expresses Celia. She loves to be creative!! She actually works at Walmart and starting the week of September 7th she will be moving to the bakery section, she had been a cashier and she will be an official cake decorator, or what she prefers to be identified as a Cake Artist. She is soo happy!!

This is Eliah driving his "own" pick-up truck!! He had been looking for a truck for 8 months. He ended up with a 2007 Dodge Ram Pick up Big Horn Edition. I drove it to work yesterday due to car troubles, and  boy does it have a nice ride! Good choice son!!

Ahhh, finally a picture of me!! We rode with Eliah one evening when we were going to a John Harmon Chicken Dinner a few weeks back. As you can see the windows are open and our hairs are flying all over the place. Mama and Celia in the back!! I just love this picture!! LOL! I didn't know she was posing until I saw the pic. It really makes me happy looking at this. 
Happy Day!!! 

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